We are all in this together 💙⁣

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way! ⁣

In uncertain and challenging times everyone works through things differently ... let’s support each other by offering compassion and understanding.

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In challenging times it’s important to look around to find moments, people & opportunities that bring us a reason to smile 🙂 ...

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As the @kdcc_knights enter their finals campaign, they wanted to talk all things mental health and performance hosting the Stay ChatTY Sports Program.⁣ ⁣⁣

Performing well under pressure is a learnt skill, and it takes practice. Just like being able to support someone who is going through a rough time, this take practice too.⁣ ⁣⁣

Either way, we are all in it together. Bond your club closer together by booking in for 2020.⁣ ⁣⁣

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For the fifth year running, Mitch was invited to share his story with Fairbrother’s newest apprentices at their annual induction day.⁣

Fairbrother are driven to continue creating safe, open and inclusive environments for all of their staff. They invite Mitch each year to show these young men and women that mental health is a priority for the organisation, and that being prepared for the tough times in life is incredibly important.⁣

Mitch, given his background in the trade industry takes great pride into today’s session, and loves the opportunity to share his mission with young up and coming tradies. ⁣

We value the ongoing support and connection with Fairbrother, and we look forward to being part of many more induction days 👊⁣

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Specsavers Rosny and Hobart have been supporting Stay ChatTY through their Community Donations Program for some time now.⁣

Their ongoing donations have enabled us to not only continue to share our programs statewide, but also launch new initiatives! ⁣

This support was born from one of the Specsavers team members having a personal connection to Mitch’s family. From that one desire to do more the whole team has come on board to support the Stay ChatTY mission!⁣

It fills us with pride hearing from people about what Stay ChatTY means to them! ⁣

The team jumped in for a pic on one of Tash’s recent visits to the Rosny store 💙⁣

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Getting out of your comfort zone! ⁣

Jade was posed this question and it got her thinking. What can I do to get out of my comfort zone and also make a difference. ⁣

With no background in the space Jade will be tackling a full Ironman in Cairns later this year to support Stay ChatTY. ⁣

We know this takes mental resilience, lots of work in training & massive spirit for the day. We are super proud of your efforts Jade and know you’ll do yourself proud and will raise some much needed awareness for mental health and suicide awareness along the way. ⁣

If you’d like to support Jade on her journey to Cairns her donation page is in our Bio.


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We have some exciting news!! Massive growth is happening here at Stay ChatTY! ⁣

Our roll out of the Schools Program statewide in the last couple of years, alongside the Department of Education, has had a massive positive impact on students and their broader communities. ⁣
We wanted to expand our reach by launching our Schools Program into Independent and Catholic Schools statewide and this dream has become a reality through the support of our amazing third party fundraiser’s efforts in 2019. ⁣

We are so excited to see 4 new Stay ChatTY positions filled; one of them being our Sport Program facilitator Kylea who has grown her skillset across two of our programs. ⁣

The three new faces we would like to introduce are Renee & Rachel, who will be working in the South, as well Chris who will be joining Kylea in the North.⁣

Growth means more work for us and we are ready for the task. If you’re connected to an Independent or Catholic school across the state check out the details of our Schools Program on our website under the “Programs” tab.

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After a much needed speaking break, Mitch returned to the stage this week sharing with the staff at Murdoch Clarke Solicitors.⁣

As Mitch closes in on his 600th presentation as a lived experience speaker, his passion to share his story as far and wide as possible has never been stronger.⁣

If your workplace or community group would like to hear Mitch’s story across 2020, email us at staychatty@reltas.com.au 📧 ⁣

Best do it soon, his diary is starting to fill up 📔⁣

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Have you ever felt out of your comfort zone stepping into a new chapter of life? ⁣

Build Up Tassie provides support & skill-based learning for young people seeking employment and brought us in to chat about the importance of mental health awareness. ⁣

Navigating new surroundings, new people and new experiences can be challenging. A focus of Tash’s session was on how we support ourselves and those around us in times of change and challenge. ⁣

This was the second year in a row Stay ChatTY has worked with Build Up Tassie.⁣

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What do you think this rig is worth? 🚜 ⁣

Cement Australia wanted their workers to hear some of Stay ChatTY’s key messages around mental health and suicide awareness. ⁣

Over two sessions James spoke to nearly all of the workers on site and in the mine. ⁣

When you can address an entire worksite at once, it can reduce the stigma around mental health and remind us all that seeking help is not a weakness. ⁣

Do you want us to talk to your workplace? Get in touch

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Kindness is key when building good team culture 🔑 ⁣

The Kingston Crows Cricket Club reached out to us to educate their players, coaches and support staff on mental health. ⁣

The skills gained in the Sports Program can be  applied on field and in everyday life. ⁣

Are you a club that hasn’t had the Sports Program? Get in touch - staychatty@reltas.com.au ⁣

🏏 #staychatty #mentalhealthawareness

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Have you ever faked a smile when inside you’re struggling? ⁣

In a world where we don’t know what people are thinking and a smile can be used to mask how we feel - asking a simple question about how someone is travelling can be helpful in starting a conversation.⁣

Checking in with those around you is important - but it’s just as important to check in with yourself too! ⁣

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Tag your dancing partners 💃🏼 🕺🏻 ⁣⁣⁣
We are excited to announce that the Annual Stay ChatTY Gala Ball for 2020 will be on August 22nd at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart.⁣⁣⁣

Gather your friends and family for what promises to be another fun filled evening raising funds for mental health and suicide prevention.⁣⁣⁣

For sponsorship information please contact Tash on natashac@reltas.com.au⁣⁣⁣

Tickets will be on sale June 9th.⁣⁣⁣

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Team efforts can amount to big impact!⁣

Taking you right back to the years leading up to 2013 the graduate year at Hydro Tasmania undertook fundraising activities that created wonderful networking opportunities to bond the team and to support the community. ⁣

This year it was decided the profits would be provided to the Graduates chosen organisation – Stay ChatTY is the grateful recipient of those funds.⁣

Tash & Kat headed along to meet with the Graduates and hear about their fundraising efforts that led to an amazing total exceeding $6,000.00!⁣

This amount coming across to Stay ChatTY will mean big things for us in 2020. The funds will enable us to have Tash (as our Community Engagement Officer) extend her hours starting in January. Having Tash here for more of each week will allow us to engage more with the life blood of Stay ChatTY – our sponsors, third party fundraisers and the Tasmanian community.⁣

This is also means Tash has more time to invest in some exciting new initiatives launching in 2020 – Thank you Hydro Tasmania for making this possible!⁣

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Do you play sport for a club, or train with a group of people? ⁣

The Stay ChatTY Sports Program aims to normalise the conversation of mental health, provide tips on staying mentally fit and how spot the signs if a team mate is struggling.⁣

James recently visited the New Town Cricket Club to share these messages and to remind us all that kindness is basically a super power ☺️🦸🏻‍♂️ ⁣

Book in your session at: staychatty@reltas.com.au or hit the email link on our bio ⁣

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We are hiring!⁣⁣
Do you fit the bill?⁣⁣

🔴 Are you an enthusiastic and engaging facilitator?⁣⁣
🔵Are you a self-motivated and committed to a team environment?⁣⁣
🔴Are you able to speak openly, honestly and directly about issues that can be sensitive?⁣⁣
🔵Do you have the ability to speak to a broad range of people of all different ages and backgrounds?⁣⁣
🔴Do you want to help make the Schools Program a memorable and impactful learning experience for young people?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
If you answered “Yes” to these questions head to The link in our bio for application details as we have positions in the north and south of Tasmania 👊⁣⁣
Applications close: 22nd of January 2020⁣⁣
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The team at Stay ChatTY would like to take this opportunity to send our thoughts to those currently affected by the bush fires.⁣⁣
We also wanted to send a huge shout out and show huge appreciation to the Emergency Services providing assistance to those who are or have been affected.⁣⁣
The devastation of these fires is wide spread, and down here in Tasmania we are proud of the local businesses, community groups and individuals that are supporting those in need.⁣⁣
We understand that with large amounts of media coverage, certain images and stories can be distressing for some of us. So, if you are personally struggling, need some extra support, or know of someone that is, please reach out for help.⁣⁣
Below is a list of some support services that are available, and there are more on our website.⁣ ⁣

👉🏻Relationships Australia 1300 364 277⁣
👉🏻Lifeline (https://www.lifeline.org.au/get-help/topics/recovering-after-a-natural-disaster)⁣⁣
👉🏻Beyond Blue (https://www.beyondblue.org.au/the-facts/bushfires-and-mental-health/)⁣⁣
👉🏻Federal Government Disaster Assistance (https://www.disasterassist.gov.au/Pages/home.aspx)⁣⁣
👉🏻Red Cross (https://www.redcross.org.au/get-help/emergencies/resources-about-disasters)⁣

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In 2019 Tas Ports had our team along to share our workplace/community presentation multiple times across the state. Their team has been supportive of what we do here at Stay ChatTY and have an ongoing desire to collaborate.⁣

As you drive around Tassie you will now see all the Tas Ports vehicles sporting a Stay ChatTY sticker. The Stay ChatTY sticker is your reminder to check in with those around you and find out how they are travelling. Given how active the Tas Ports team are across the state, those reminders will be everywhere!⁣

Thank you to Tas Ports for your ongoing support!⁣ ⁣

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After a well earned break, the team are back on deck tomorrow ready to take on the new year!

We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable break, and we look forward to working with you all over the next 12 months.
#2020 #StayChatTY

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